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9 Myths Uncovered About Marketing

Alex Johnson
Owner, Designer & Strategist

Everyone has something they know about marketing. But some of the things that you may ‘know’ about marketing couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s uncover some of these myths and get you on the right track.

1)  A website is all I need

A website alone will not get you new business. There are millions of sites out there. It is not enough anymore to only build a website. Each website must have proper targeting. This is where those million dollar words come in. Words like ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and ‘Mobile Readiness’ comes in. And as important if not more important than those are the content. You need to work hard at getting valuable content on your site.

2) Who needs a website? I have Facebook

Going along the same lines as needing a website, is using Facebook alone. Facebook is an excellent social network. It is perfect to connect with potential clients. Yet it does not give you the advantage against a competitor with a website. Facebook is marketing, but don’t be so narrow believing it is the end all be all when it comes to marketing.

3) Word of mouth gets me all the business I need

This may work today or even tomorrow. But how about a year from now? Or 5? Word of mouth has the potential to make a business. It can also break it when there is not enough word going around. Besides you need to get your name in the minds of those that talk in the first place. It works well. But don’t forget about every other type of marketing or advertising.

4) Who needs marketing? I am busy already

This follows the same thought as above. You may be busy now but how about later? Focusing on the present will only lead you to shortfalls later. A good business owner will keep the future in their mind’s eye. Don’t focus only on the present, or the past. Look forward.

Social Media For The Young

5) Social media is for the young

While social media may have started with the younger crowd, it is for everyone. Most of the world is on social media in one form or another. It may not be easy, and sometimes it is a downright pain. But it is important to keep on top of at least one social media account. Also, keep something else in mind: If you are not going to use the social media accounts you have, close them.

6) Online marketing is a fad

I hate to break it to you. The world is becoming more connected, and more people are online every day. Retail is slowing, while online sales are growing by leaps and bounds. You have seen malls closing. But yet Amazon flourishes. It is important to keep up with the trends. Online marketing will not go away. Do not turn your back on the future.

7) Marketing to everyone works

This could not be more wrong. Marketing to anyone and everyone will do nothing but waste your time and resources. In reality, you need to define your ideal customer and target them. They will be the only ones that want to listen to you. Don’t waste your efforts on those that do not care about what you offer.

8) Marketing is advertising

Marketing is not advertising. It is building the content that leads to trust. It is helping to get the right people to see you. You will still need to close these clients. You will still need to advertise to get in front of eyeballs. And marketing will target those ads to the right eyeballs. The wrong ones will turn away from you. They won’t have any interest. But you still need to get out there.

And the biggest of them all:

9) Marketing is expensive – Time and money

Time & Money

Advertising can be expensive. Or it can be cheap. Marketing is the same. There are easy ways to market. There are cost-effective paths. Or it could be the most expensive thing your business does. Targeted marketing is the key to the costs. First gathering the right knowledge about your clients. Then applying that knowledge makes marketing the most affordable thing for your business.

And there you have it. 9 myths now out in the open. Now you know the truth. Now its time to act on that truth and grow your business. Get on it. Today.


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