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Alex Johnson
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Last updated November 2021

Writing a blog takes a lot of effort. While anyone can write a single blog article, keeping up and continuing forward is hard. There is a commitment of time to blogging. It can also take quite a bit of that time before the potential and your investment is repaid. But not everything has to cost a lot of money. Here are some great free resources to help you and your blogging efforts.


  • Pexels: This is a great resource for free stock style photos. Most photos are available for commercial use and are decent (if not excellent) quality. But remember if you don’t find what you want with your first search, try reworking your query.
  • Unsplash: Another good photo resource. Some of the photos on Pexels will also be here as well. But still a decent number of unique ones.

Photo Editing

  • Canva: Make all your photos for social media fast and easy. And there are no costs if you supply the photo. The built-in templates will give you the proper sizes for anything you may need.

Research Resources

  • BrainyQuote: And this is where you can find all those cool quotes to use. It is also where some of our Monday Morning quotes come from.
  • Census Bureau: If you need stats about things the population, this is where to go. Stats are also available for economics or lifestyle information.
  • Wikipedia: You can find anything about almost anything on Wikipedia. But not all the facts you find will be accurate. Make sure to always follow the reference links. Make sure to fact check.

Email Marketing

  • MailerLite: You need to have a mailing list. A free account can give you the tools you need. Manage mailing lists and send out emails to your followers.
  • Klaviyo: If you are running an online store, Klaviyo is the solution you need. The automated flows are great for caturing repeat sales.

Other useful tools

  • Hemingway Editor: One of the ways we proof and edit all our posts. First, we complete the basic spell checks and grammar checks in Word. Then we check it with the Hemingway Editor. It helps us to clean the sentence structure and readability.
  • Google Drive: A great tool for syncing files between many devices. Plus it will keep a safe backup copy in the cloud. A free account gives you 15GB of data storage.

There are tons of resources out there. But these are some of the resources that we use when writing our own blog posts. They are a good jumping-off point without breaking your bank and will embellish your blog.

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