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9 low cost ideas you can do to market your business

Alex Johnson
Owner, Designer & Strategist

When is the last time you tried to get some new clients? Did you have to pull out your checkbook and sign your life away? Not all marketing has to cost you your first-born child. Here are 9 simple ideas that you can do to find clients without the huge costs.

Idea #1: Reach out to previous clients

Sometimes the best way to get more business is to go back to your previous clients. A simple note to remind them of you goes a long way. You never know what work they may have sitting on the back burner that you can bring forward with a nice chat. And it is always easier to get business from those you have already proven yourself to.

Idea #2: Ask for referrals

Going hand in hand with the idea above is to ask for referrals. You have already proven your work to clients from the past. While they might not have any more work that they need, they could know someone. It never hurts to ask. Be tactful and know you must show your best side to both. Hurt one relationship and you could damage both.

Idea #3: Create a freebie

People love free things. If you can come up with a unique giveaway that showcases your business, it can be an easy path to new clients. Ensure that what you come up with actually has some value. It does not have to cost anything and could be as simple as a white paper. But make it interesting and useful.

Idea #4: Offer a promotion

The right promotion can incite a frenzy of business. Sometimes people are waiting on the edge of jumping into the pool. A coupon that gives a value to the customer without losing everything for you can grow your business. Think of how well some of the Groupon deals go over.

Idea #5: Sponsor an Event

Some events work hard to get their sponsors out there. And not all events will need cash to become a sponsor. Sometimes a trade of services will be the perfect fit for your business and the event. Reach out to some local events that are coming up and see what you can offer them in the way of help.

Idea #6: Get in the local media

Reach out to the local newspaper or TV station. Sometimes they are looking for a local story. And if you have some news about your business they might pick it up.  Free publicity can help grow your business. But make sure if you end up in the news it is good news. You never want to be in the news for a bad reason.

Joining a social group

Idea #7: Attend a networking meeting

Chamber events or after-hours events can be a great way to get to know other businesses. Getting to know other business owners could be a perfect way to grow. And even if they don’t need your offering, they could know someone that does. Make sure to bring your business cards. And don’t talk only about yourself. Get to know them.

Idea #8: Join social groups

There are lots of groups on Facebook that you could join to interact with other locals. Some even let you post about your business, or the deals your business is offering. Other groups can get you connected with businesses that are in the same field. They might not be local and can be the perfect outlet to discuss business with your peers.

Idea #9: Social Media

Posting on a regular schedule to social media accounts will keep you fresh in the mind of your clients. Social media requires that you commit to being there. If you don’t commit then the account will wither and die. No one will see your posts if you are not active enough. Don’t neglect this important and easy way to connect with your clients.

It’s your turn. Try out these ideas on your business and see if you can’t drum up some fresh business. They may not work overnight, but with a little effort and some time, you could get all the business you may need. Tell us how it goes. We always love to hear from our readers.


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