We Are Rustic Homestead Marketing

One day, your marketing efforts could be the best thing since sliced bread. Next, you could be so deep in the marketing copycat culture that your business is suffocating. It doesn’t have to be this hard to grow your homestead business.

What you are missing is a proven strategy that’s easy to do and makes your business stand out from the crowd. We have helped lots of businesses like yours see growth, and we can help you too.

Alex - Owner & Guide

Hi, I'm Alex

Years ago, as a fresh business owner, I too fell into the trap of copycat marketing. I even spent thousands on a TV commercial and got no business.

What I learned from that experience was things that work for big businesses do not work for small ones. Without having tons of money to spend on constant ads, playing the copycat game will always end in a loss.

After that huge failure, I spent years studying marketing and effective web design. What I found was many small business marketing efforts fail. I wanted to learn how to change that while keeping an authentic personal feel. To help others see success in their marketing.

Moving from city life to rural living, my family felt the call of homesteading life. And over time, has bonded with other homesteaders. I since realized my marketing skills could help other homestead businesses.

And so Rustic Homestead Marketing was born.

TLDR: The Long Story Short

Ashley & Hunter
Ashley with our youngest son, Hunter

We start by learning about you


We are by your side the whole time


We help you measure your success

We can help you reach the right people

We will ask the right questions

Sometimes you need a third-party perspective. We will ask the right questions, digging deep to create the perfect strategy. One that propels your business forward.

We will stand by your side

You don’t need just another marketing firm. You need someone who wants you to succeed and will stand by you through thick and thin.

We will provide you with the tools

You need the right tools to succeed. We will provide you with the tools to reach more people and turn that reach into measurable sales.

Is your business veteran-owned?

Guess what? So are we! As a thank you for your service, enjoy a 20% discount on our services.