Ideas To Grow Your Business - Having A Plan

7 easy ideas that will grow your business

Alex Johnson
Owner, Designer & Strategist

The new year is coming up fast. Do you have a plan and ideas for the new year? Already there are people throwing in the towel. People are dreading the new year, feeling that things will only get worse. The question is will you throw in the towel already?

I would gather if you are reading this, then you are not going to. You already have your own business. Do you want to give up? Instead, try these 7 easy ideas and propel your business to the next level.

Idea #1: Start with a plan

A common mistake that many business owners make is failing to plan. Heck, I have made this mistake many times. Take some time before this next year and lay out your goals. Try to be as specific as you can.

What do you want to achieve in the new year? Is there a money goal that you have in mind? How about vacations, or family time?

Now that you have some basic goals in mind, flesh those out. Write down what it will take to get there. Do the research to get the whole goal mapped out. Work the huge goals into many smaller goals and then give each one of those a time-frame to have them completed.

Idea #2: Take frequent breaks

Many people are burnt out by the end of the year. They have worked so hard and now want to sit back and do nothing. A large part of this issue comes for overworking.

By working in chunks and taking regular breaks, you will find it easier to keep your mind on the tasks and goals at hand. Think about small breaks and large ones. Set aside time each day to rest and relax.

Also, think about vacations. You should add to the planning that you did above any vacations you want to take for the year. These vacation breaks are essential to keeping your spirits and energy levels up. They can re-center you on the longer goals and keep your business growing.

Idea #3: Learn when to quit

We have all heard of ‘Drive through it’ or ‘Burning the midnight oil’. But the truth is, many times it is better to stop. Your productivity levels drop off fast when you grow tired of a project.

When your attention starts to wander, it is better to move on to a new task. For example, if I am working on a website and cannot seem to get something right. It is often easy to want to press on and find a way. I have found that if I move onto a new project, or go check emails, then when I come back the solution is there waiting for me.

Idea #4: Prioritize your work

There will always be something ‘new’ that requires your attention. Yet, if you stop and complete every new task that floats across your desk you will never get anything done. The constant interruptions to your workflow reduce your productivity.

Prioritizing Your Workload

A better option is to set everything else aside. Check your email if you must, but think about how important that new email is. Would it be better to schedule a future date or time to the task? Odds are giving it a time of its own will allow you to complete both tasks faster.

Idea #5: Add automation

Think about how much you get paid per hour. Now think about how much you make when you are completing tasks that generate little to no income. Add up how much time you spend on every task all day long. How much time goes into tasks that make nothing?

Take the time to research and put in place automation on tasks that make you nothing. This will free up large amounts of time to redirect towards money-making tasks. From scheduling to email responses, almost any task has the ability for automation.

Idea #6: Be a ‘doer’

Rather than finding obstacles, find solutions. It is often easier to sit back and say, ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘Wow, that seems a little hard right now’. Instead, think about ways that you can do it.

There is an immense feeling of success when you complete a task. And the feeling will compound the more you manage to do. And the more that gets off the task list, the less stress you will feel.

‘Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today’

Idea #7: Find your purpose

In aligning with your goals, you should also find your purpose. Discover the real reason for why you do what you have chosen to do. To become a driven individual, you need to know your ultimate purpose. Why do you run your business?

Once you know your purpose, you can better map out goals. You can decide what you want to achieve in the long term. Remember, because you own a business does not mean that is all your life is. Do not forget to think about your purpose in your family, or with others.

Find a harmonic balance between each purpose and the time and effect they have on you. This will lead to a great sense of accomplishment and less stress.

Wrap Up

It may seem like none of these ideas can help your business grow. But, by taking care of the little things you will grow in satisfaction. Having personal and business goals, and taking breaks in your life will help a lot more than you think. As a small business owner, you are your business. Your attitude and mindset will control how far your business can grow.

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