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6 nifty ideas to revive the lost art of offline marketing

Alex Johnson
Owner, Designer & Strategist

The world is fast moving towards digital everything. From websites to Facebook it is easier to connect with clients in the digital world than ever before. But there is a problem with a world of digital only.

In a world of digital-only, there is nothing personal. When I send you an email, it does not have the same feeling of a direct connection. The world of offline marketing and handshakes is fading. Yet some of the best clients we have ever got came from a physical connection.

So how can you revive the lost art of offline marketing in your business? Try out these 6 ideas and see how they fit with your business.

#1) Business Cards

This is the easiest way to connect with someone offline and maintain a connection. Business cards are a form of currency at networking meetings. You give me one and I give you one. With any luck that won’t end up in your junk pile. In the hands of the right person, down the road, you may have won some business. Business cards are cheap. Cheap enough that I can give a happy client 5 cards and they can give them to all their friends.

#2) Attend Events

From local chamber meetings to business conferences. Head out to a meeting and get yourself known in the world. Nothing can beat the hands-on touch. Work the room, but spend some time getting to know the prospects. Shake hands with the purpose of getting to know them. Not only small talk. Learn about them, don’t push your own agenda. Show genuine interest.

#3) Donate time or items

Many charity events are looking for small donations and are a great way to get your name out there at little to no cost. You can donate time to help make the event run smoothly, or a small prize or part of a gift basket. Generosity can help you go far. Think about what you can do for others. Put their needs first and you can reap a return on the backside.

#4) Print advertising

Newspapers are a dying breed. But there are many people who still like the hands-on tactile feel of the paper. A newspaper works for job postings. Depending on your target audience, this may be the perfect fit to reach people who are not online. Set a specific budget and test the waters. But make sure to measure your return on the investment.

#5) Unique guerilla marketing

Think Outside The Box

Sometimes the best way to stand out is to do something different. When we had our computer repair business we made up little bags. Inside the bag was a small card with useful tips, a business card, and a pencil. Now you might think the pencil was useless, but the intent was not for use only. We branded the pencils with a tag that said, “Emergency PC”. It caught some attention and more than a few laughs. But it worked.

What can your business do that is unique and makes you stand out? And no, I am not talking sticky notes on the cars in the mall parking lot. Dig deeper and get your name embedded in your prospect’s mind.

#6) Share knowledge

People like to do business with those that they deem are more knowledgeable. Show off your knowledge. Speaking in public or giving out a free tip sheet is a good way to do this. Help others to see the wealth of knowledge that you have spent time collecting. Give away some for free to warm a prospect up to learn more from you, or engage your services.

Wrap Up

Most businesses seem to use one or two of these ideas. But many don’t use those ideas to their full potential. Take these ideas and run with them. Find ways to use them in your business and start making your connections more personal.


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