Would you buy from you

Would you buy from you? Shopping in your customer’s shoes

Alex Johnson
Owner, Designer & Strategist

We all assume that we have put together this perfect business. We also assume our customers will love purchasing from us. Those are incorrect assumptions. We also think the checkout or sale process is easy for any potential customer to navigate. But is it actually easy?

Your customer’s shoes

When was the last time you tried on your customer’s shoes? Your checkout process is either very simple and easy or beyond complex. If it is complex you could be driving customers away. The same goes for your face to face interactions. If you are making your customers jump through hoops, there is a problem.

To maintain a grasp of the entire process is essential. You need to know the process as your customer will see it. This will allow you to stay ahead of any bumps that they may encounter. Bumps along the way could send those customers packing in a hurry.

Testing the process

Testing your sales process

If you run a shop that people pick up items and check out with, such as a grocery, then pretend to be a customer. Go through the whole process. Don’t miss any steps. Walk through the door, and start by picking out an item. If you have employees, ask them to treat you exactly like they would a customer. Go through the entire sales process. Even pay with cash.

If you run an online store, the process is pretty much the same as above. Make sure you are completely signed out from any control panels. Walk through the entire checkout process, including the actual sale. You can always refund yourself later. Or if your payment environment supports it, put it in testing mode before beginning the test.

After you complete the whole checkout process takes a minute to write it down. Make note of any changes you desire or problems you run into along the way. These issues will be critical to correct as soon as possible. Next, complete the reverse process. You now have purchased an item, act like your customer and return that item. Follow the same steps and iron out any problems you detect.

Next Steps

It is always possible that your results will be faulty. Or Skewed. For this process to work well, you need a second outside perspective. Entrust a friend to run the same test you did. Get feedback from as they pass through the process. Then correct any errors or problems they encounter.

We recommend that you complete this process from time to time. They say that the key to being a good manager is to do every job yourself. We surmise that the key to understanding your customers completely is to go through a day in their shoes. Who knows, you may learn more about yourself and what your ideal customer needs.

Go make your sales process perfect today.


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