Serving The World

Is your business truly unique? Uniqueness Myths

Alex Johnson
Owner, Designer & Strategist

You hear it all the time. Each business calls themselves unique. But how many of them actually are? And for that matter, is yours actually all that unique? Let’s discuss some myths about being unique, and why these ideas are not unique.

Serving The World

You might think that trying to make your product be for everyone will help you gain market share. Or that it somehow will create a different light over your product. Uniqueness cannot come from serving the masses. It only comes from serving the narrow niche.

Customer Service

Everyone has this goal of good customer service. Very few companies actually manage to pull it off. It is not as simple as it sounds. It is hard to make everyone happy all the time. But those companies, the few, that can pull it off and surprise those it serves will win. But don’t bank your uniqueness on customer service, unless you happen to be one of the few.

Giving Discounts

Unless you can sell your product for 10% of its actual value all the time you need a different option. A discount can drive business. And a big one can sort of feel unique. But grab a newspaper. Every day there is a coupon or ad showing a discount. A race to the bottom is not the way to go. You should try the opposite, sell your item for 150% of normal. Gather the elite only.


Being The Best

Nobody can ever be perfect. It is not possible to have a perfect product. Perfect for who? Perfection is only found by the one who feels it is. If you feel your product is perfect, it may very well be perfect: For You. Unless your customers are exact clones of you, they most likely do not feel the same. Perfection in a product is hype.

Being The Best

Let’s face it. Have you actually tried every possible variation on every one of your products out there? How do you know you are actually the best? It seems to us that there is no way to actually back up such a claim. Which makes it sound like large amounts of hype. This will not make you unique. Everyone claims the same thing.

Did any of these resonate with you? If so, you need to change it right now. You cannot build a great business by living in mediocrity. Find a real way to stand out and make the change. Grow your business on its own merits.


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