The magic of thank you

The magic of Thank You in a world of selfishness

Alex Johnson
Owner, Designer & Strategist

The world is full of businesses that seem to have a total disregard for their customers. After the money changes hands, the salesperson seems to disappear. The customer support becomes non-existent. Think of the sea of menus and prompts to wade through when calling a large company for help with a product.

As a business owner, you have the power to change the way you treat your customers. You can also change how they perceive the face of your business. With a few simple ‘magic’ tricks in your pocket, you can dazzle your customers. And in doing so you can gain a more loyal following, which will grow your business. Try some of these ideas in your business and see how it goes.

The power of thankfulness

As a business, you have 2 paths that you can choose. The first path you see and hear about all the time. Greed in a business can get you to grow. But you will have a much harder time creating a loyal following. You could even take a lot of flak about the treatment of your customers.

The second option is rarely seen but can have amazing results. That option is to shower your customers with kindness and thankfulness. Be grateful that they are your customers and show them how grateful you are. Make customer support calls easy. Provide service before during and after a sale gets made.

Show your thankfulness

Start off by saying thank you. Thanking a customer for buying from you is critical. And it must be sincere. Always remember they could have bought from someone else. If you can thank them in person, do it. Make it heartfelt and if possible, make it a hand-written note.

Gather feedback from your clients. Ask them about your sales process and if there was anything else that could have made it go even better. Take everything to heart and thank them for their feedback.

If you do business with other businesses, a great way to show your gratitude is to send them clients. You have worked with them and supported them in their purchases. You know what kind of client they are and what they want. Send them good referrals from clients that you have, and they would like.

Celebrate how long/loyal a customer they have been. When they reach that milestone, make contact with them. Do something special. Send them a gift. Show how much you care.

Send them useful information. Is there some news that is happening in your industry that could affect your client? Let them know about it. Help them before they know that they even need your help.

Be thankful, Always

The more you show how much you care and are thankful for you customers, it will get returned to you. These magical ideas could take your business from basic, to extraordinary. How you treat your clients can make or break your business. It is critical to making the right choices when it comes to taking care of your customers. Try these ideas out and see how they fit in your business.


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