Ways to repurpose content

Five easy ways you can repurpose your content

Alex Johnson
Owner, Designer & Strategist

As small business owners, we often get trapped in a loop of creating new content and pushing it out to the world. And this loop of coming up with something new is exhausting.

The world around us keeps saying we need to create more, so we spend countless hours trying to come up with the next idea. Or even worse, many hours trying to implement that idea perfectly. But it does not have to be that way.

You already have a wealth of content at your fingertips. The amount of content you have previously created to share on social media and other locations is probably vast. The cool thing is this content has untapped potential. You can convert a single piece of content into many using a few of the ideas below. And they won’t even take you that much time.

Idea #1 – Share Quotes

Quotes are not only for big names and thought leaders. You can quote yourself from articles that you have written.

You see this happen with the tweet button on different sites. Yet it is not used in other forms of social media very often. For example, if Instagram is your thing, you can create a graphic with your quote and share that.

When you share a quote from yourself, use the caption space to talk about the quoted text and expand on it. You should include a call to action referring to the original post.

You have already put a lot of time and effort into creating the original content. Sharing quotes is a way to call out parts of the content and create new interest in the piece. Since you only need to create a caption, the time required to implement it is short.

Idea #2 – Create an infographic

Infographics are a great way to share facts, numbers, and figures with an audience. They can turn long articles into a talking point that people will love to share. And tools such as Canva (LINK HERE) make it easy to create them.

Converting an article to an infographic could be as simple as grabbing the headlines out of the article. Add a few additional facts under each heading. Throw in some eye-catching graphics or graphs, and your infographic will quickly come together.

Make sure to keep the graphic on brand and consistent with the style of the article. Include a reference link inside the infographic so that if it gets shared without your caption, any new viewers can read the article or see the video. This link text is generally at the bottom of the graphic with your business information.

Infographics also work to repurpose videos and podcast episodes.

Idea #3 – Recap in a newsletter

Sending out a recap in your newsletter is a great way to remind people of your old content. Share a new brief caption of your best-performing articles, podcast episodes, and videos with a link to the content.

Newsletters can bring old content back to life
Newsletters can bring old content back to life

You can send these as a monthly recap newsletter or inside your current newsletters. I share two blog articles with my audience as part of my newsletter each week. One of the articles is a new article written within the last month, and the other is one of my old articles.

By sharing out the older articles, it brings them back into people’s minds. It also allows them to share the content again, potentially creating a ripple effect.

You can also share an entire blog article in a newsletter. Ensure that you still include a link to the article for easy sharing. Also, watch your newsletter metrics to see how the content performed.

Idea #4 – Create a video or reel

Turning your podcast episodes or blog articles into videos or reels is a great way to repurpose the content.

You can record your podcast with video instead of just audio. Then you can share both the video and audio separately at different times. You don’t even have to share the whole thing. Take the highlights or a short but critical section and turn it into a reel.

Reels do well on TikTok and Instagram and are perfect for increasing your reach.

You can turn blog articles into reels as well. Using Canva, you can create animated slides sharing key points. I like to take the headlines and a few sub-items and photos from articles to create my reels. Add audio that matches your business and the feel of the content.

Ensure you include a call to action at the end of the video or reel. Viewers will share videos all over the place, so if you don’t have a call to action, the new viewers will have no idea where to go to read the entire article.

To help encourage them to visit the original content, you can always do a teaser video. Only share a few points and invite them to see the full article for the remaining tips.

Idea #5 – Create an eBook

Publishing is nothing like it was in the past. With the invention of digital books, publishing a book yourself is relatively easy.

You can compile your most popular articles on a single or related topic and make them into an eBook. You might not even need to change much inside the article itself to repurpose this content. Each blog article can be a single chapter in the book.

eBooks are a great way to build a new audience
eBooks are a great way to build a new audience

Using Amazon to publish your book in the Kindle Unlimited section, new readers can get a taste of your work for free. Doing this for free could invite them to visit your site if they enjoyed your work. It is not necessary to publish all your books for free, but some might help you build an audience faster.

Make sure you include a section inside the book that talks about you and gives a link back to your website. Generally, this section is at the end of the book.

I have seen other small businesses have great success using this method. It has the potential to create an audience of loyal readers you might not have ever reached before. I have also found thought leaders I enjoy through an eBook they published and have since purchased other content from them.

Once created, eBooks are also a good passive income source.


Your content should not be published and shared only once. Especially evergreen content. This content should be repurposed and shared many times.

Every time you create a different format, you will reach different audiences. Experiment with ways to repurpose your content and see what you like to create and share.

Find new ways to share what content you have already created so that you don’t have to create new content so often.


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